Speaker: Rev. Dick Dutton

part time minister for KUUF

The Yellow Brick Road

“The Yellow Brick Road”

Sermon by Rev. Dick Dutton, presented KUUF, Feb 24, 2019

Of course, there is Toto and Dorothy with the red shoes, and then those three darn friends; the scarecrow, the Tin man and the friendly lion… What does the scarecrow want? What does … read more.

Service – Moral Man, Immoral Society

Moral Man, Immoral Society

“The Basic Ingredient of Life”….talking about LOVE, pure toward brothers and strangers and enemies and unknown…elixir of life, our new center and purpose and fall back. Going for the big, big tostado!



All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten
by Robert … read more.



KUUF 4/22/18


I remember My first earth ball… It was a huge beach ball about 10 feet across, painted to look like the earth… And the idea was to climb on it, and as it rolled try to stay on it, and … read more.

Service – “The Resurrection Conspiracy”


“The Resurrection Conspiracy”

One of the last times I participated in an Easter sunrise service was on the beach at Little Lake Sunapee. We tracked through the snow towards the partially frozen lake. We watched the sun break through, and birds flying, and we all rang hand chimes, … read more.