Service: “The Legacy of John Brown and the Contemporary Struggle against Racial Injustice and Practice in the U.S.”

Kwame A. Mark Freeman was on the faculty of the University of Massachusetts Boston in both the College of Public and Community Service and the Department of Africana Studies. Dr. Freeman has worked as a health care researcher in the Republic of Uganda, East Africa, and as a consultant to the Cape Verdean Government in West Africa. Dr. Freeman was also a project manager for the Executive Office for Environmental Affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Robert Johnson Jr. is Emeritus Professor of African Studies at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is a playwright and an attorney. He is the author of Race, Law and Public Policy (3rd edition) and author of eight of academic books; 15 plays, including Stop and Frisk, and Patience of Nantucket; ten academic articles; and one novel: African Revival: My Love!

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