Our Mission Statement 

The Kearsarge Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is a religious community that encourages and affirms beliefs and actions based upon respect for all people, and the planet on which we live. It is the mission of this fellowship to:

  • Deepen our understanding of the world we live in, the challenges we must face as citizens of the world, and the place of our personal theologies in meeting these challenges;
  • Be a voice of peace, reason and social justice in our community;
  • Strengthen that voice by making ourselves known to all who are looking for a liberal religious sanctuary, and welcoming all who come into our midst. This congregation affirms and promotes the full participation of all in our activities and endeavors, including membership, programming, hiring practices, and the calling of religious professionals without regard to race, color, gender, physical or mental challenges, affectional or sexual orientation, age, class, national origin, or political affiliation; and
  • Support, strengthen and renew each other as we strive to lead our lives according to our highest principles, values and beliefs.

 Amended 10-2016